Expert Septic
Expert Septic
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Specializing in:

  • Eljen GFS systems
  • Drip irrigation
  • Micro mounds
  • AdvanTex
  • Stream discharge
  • Aerobic Systems
  • Sand Filters
  • A/B Systems
  • In-ground Systems
  • Sand Mounds
  • Peat Filters
  • Coco Filters
  • Septic tanks
  • Package plants
  • Design/installation
  • Soil Evaluations
  • Perc & Probe

JNM Technologies Drip Irrigation Systems - Shallow soil, Micro mound, Up to 25% slope installs
Eljen GSF Systems - Can be cheaper than the elevated sand mound you don't want!
Advantex Systems - Compact, cost effective DENITRIFICATION - No media (sand or peat) replacement
Eljen GSF Systems - Shallow soil systems can be thousands less than drip irrigation, micro mounds & A/B systems
Infiltrator IM Septic Tanks - Strong and lightweight - Cost competitive with concrete!
Timer Panels - We really are EXPERTS on time dosing and septic related panels!
Eljen GSF Systems - Perfect for small commercial applications: campgrounds, churches, apartments, etc.
Drip Tubing Installation - Trenching - Driveway & Sidewalk Boring
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Septic system questions?

If you have a permit or design (or are working on designs) for any of the following systems:

Micro Mound
Peat Filter w/ at grade bed
Coco Filter w/ at grade bed
A/B system w/ UV light
Elevated Sand Mound / 750 sq ft or larger
Steep Sloped Sand Mound
Sites up to 15% slope

Contact us as we may be able to
in material costs alone.

Welcome! If you are looking for septic information you've found it. We have over 30 years of experience in the waste water industry. You may not know much about your septic system but WE do. You may have already gotten information from your neighbor, contractor or township. Are you sure they are correct? This isn't rocket science. It is the simple task of treating wastewater on your own property.

Since it is YOUR property, don't you want to know all your options? Don't you want to know how it will look, how it works and what it will really cost? Don't you want to make the decision on what type of system you want? We are amazed at the amount of mis-information that is out there regarding septic systems. Often, we hear folks say, "If I had only known!" Don't wait. Get informed!

We work state-wide with a network of quality designers and installers. We are committed to making sure that you know what all the options are for a given property. We'll assist you to see that the system is designed, permitted and installed.

If you have said . . .

  • I have (or think I have) a malfunction ...
  • I'm building a new home in the future...
  • I have property that did not pass perc...
  • I'm looking for the CHEAPEST option available..
  • I'm an designer, SEO or installer who would like more information...
  • I have a septic system design completed but want to see what other options I have...

. . . then, give us a call. We know what you need and can help you get it.

* We no longer deal with peat systems. We love the idea of pre-treatment and peat does a great job of that but, media replacement costs and disposal issues make other systems more cost effective. If you have a peat filter and have questions call us !
The "No Sand Mound" guys
Toll Free: 888-4-SEPTIC
-When you want OPTIONS, make us your FIRST call-